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I've had diverticulosis for many years and have had to be careful with what foods I ate.  Even when I could not remember if I ate 'wrong' or not the agony would still plague me.  But now I feel like the "before" days...and my pain is gone."

Dear Diverticulosis Cure Seeker:
As you know, diverticulosis can make your life miserable. But it is now possible through your diet to not just reduce your pain, but to eliminate it all together, forever…Without drugs, surgery or bland foods.

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Dot End constipation (often caused by medications)
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Pain-Free YES! "Sherry, I want to end the misery of diverticulosis. Please email me your FREE White Paper, ‘Pain-Free In 1 Day.'  I know I'll also get 13 gourmet recipes, plus your newsletter ‘Pain-Free Living,' and hundreds of case studies... All FREE!”
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Hi Sherry,

I was diagnosed with diverticulosis a couple of years ago when I went in for a routine colonoscopy.  I ignored the doctor's orders about eating a high fiber diet.

Less than two years later I begin having severe abdominal cramps more and more frequently when I had to go to the bathroom. I thought it was normal for me, but then lo and behold I saw some blood in my stools.

I went back to the doctor. She did an examination and it was negative, so she told me to get on the high fiber diet that was recommended before.  I knew I was going to have to get serious about my diet. A few days later, I saw blood again. This time I went to a GI doctor and he strongly suggested I get on a high fiber diet too.

I ordered your program and almost immediately experienced relief from the abdominal cramping.  I also feel more energetic.

I am enjoying this change of eating lifestyle immensely.  I don't crave sweets like I used to.  Before, I could make a meal of snacking and junk food in the past, but not any more.

Another great benefit from this new eating plan is that I have lost weight on it.  In one month on this plan I have lost around five pounds. 

My husband has been on the plan with me.  He suffered daily from heartburn and used to pop "Tums" every night like candy.  I rarely see him do that anymore.  He has also lost around five pounds also.

I can't thank you enough for sharing your discoveries with the rest of us.  I plan on having a good report next time I go to the GI doctor.

- Onie Lippincott
New Mexico



7 days ago, I was getting fed up with the Diverticulosis pain that I had been enduring off and on for the past year.  My doctor ordered a cat scan to see if Diverticulitis was present and it wasn't.  Since I had no infection symptoms, taking more antibiotics didn't make sense, plus they hadn't been working anyway and weren't really necessary.

I decided to research the Internet and look up my condition. There you were, "Great Taste No Pain."  So I printed off 'Pain Free in One Day.'  I was a skeptic and thought no way, this won't work.  I had stopped eating raw vegetables and salads thinking the roughage was causing my problems.

Well, your program worked in one day!  I have lost 5 pounds in the last week and need another 5 to come off.  My energy has increased, I sleep better and don't have the acid stomach I used to have.

I love vegetables and salad and am back eating them each day.  I am really enjoying the snacks of fruit I am having each morning and afternoon.

Thank you for developing solutions to make the rest of us more healthy.

- Bob Critchfield


Pain-Free YES! "Sherry, I want to end the misery of diverticulosis. Please email me your FREE White Paper, ‘Pain-Free In 1 Day.'  I know I'll also get 13 gourmet recipes, plus your newsletter ‘Pain-Free Living,' and hundreds of case studies... All FREE!”
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